July 20, 2018


The adults at our church come from all walks of life and span all ages- young adults, singles, couples, new parents, not so new parents, through to retirees. Everyone is welcome!
At Rouse Hill Anglican there are lots of things going on each week, and plenty of ways for you to join in. Some of the areas to get involved are listed below:


Share a meal with another church family, either as a host or guest.  If you meet someone new at our church, invite them over to your home for a meal, or maybe catch up for coffee during the week.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are a great way to be encouraged in your faith during the week, and are also a fantastic opportunity to truly get to know others in the church.

Some of our Growth Groups have also taken on local mission initiatives in our nearby community to show God’s love in action.

Music Ministry

A key component of our Sunday services is the music and singing.  Our music ministry brings together people in our congregations to play instruments, lead us in singing, and drive our sound desk. New people are very welcome.

Men’s Ministry

Our men gather on occasions for specific events, including breakfasts, dinners, and talks, as well as other social outings such as barefoot bowls.

Women’s Ministry

Our women visit the EQUIP Women Conference each year, hold a pre-Christmas talk in combination with a gingerbread house making afternoon, along with other occasional activities.

Prayer Groups

Periodically, weekend prayer breakfasts and prayer meetings are held at church, and on occasion we join with other local churches for combined prayer events. On a smaller level, during the week some of our congregation members meet with two other people in a prayer triplet.


Each week a group of ladies meet at our church for an evening of craft and chat.

Helping with SRE

There is an endless need for more people to teach Special Religious Education in our local primary and high schools.

Cross-cultural Ministry

English Class (ESL) – All Levels


English Conversation Class


There many other ways for adults at our church to participate, read on…

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