August 14, 2009


What is baptism?

Baptism is for active Christians and their households

Baptism is a practice  that has been undertaken by Christians since the time of Jesus Christ.  It involves a symbolic washing by water and declaration of accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour.  When a person is baptised, they identify with Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.  Immersion into water symbolises death of their old self and when they come out of the water this represents new life. It is like an acted out prayer of reliance on Jesus.

We baptise infants, and those adults who become Christians later in life and who have not been water baptised as a child

Our usual practice of infant baptism involves water being placed on the head of the child, rather than full immersion. Occasionally some adults request full immersion baptism. The Bible is silent about how much water ought to be used, and ultimately the amount of water is far less important than the reality that water Baptism points to: the  forgiveness, cleansing and new life that is ours in Jesus Christ as we place our trust in him.

The person being baptised needs to consciously turn to Christ

In the case of infants and young children, the parents and godparents make this declaration on their behalf, and so when the child reaches an age where they may consciously turn to Christ in faith, then they should declare their faith in Jesus publicly.

When do we have water baptisms?

Baptisms are mostly undertaken during our  regular Sunday church services in the Ministry and Education Centre which allows the congregation to join in. We may use a place with a good source of water for older people being baptised, like a swimming pool or beach.

Is there a fee for baptism?

No, there is no fee whatsoever. Baptism points to our free forgiveness in Christ’s work on our behalf, and nothing should be charged for this important event.  If you wish to make a contribution to the church’s regular offertory that is always possible and welcome.

How do I arrange a baptism?

To arrange a baptism, or for any further information, please contact the church office.  We will then arrange a time to discuss baptism with you. Ideally, you will get to know our church by being an active part of our church community before baptism is decided upon.

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