What Jesus Says About Marriage (Matthew 19)

Sep 10, 2017   //   by Graeme Howells   //   Bible Talks

At 37:02 in the recording, a question is taken from the floor (not heard on the recording) which was along the lines of – what are we doing or what should we be doing to prepare for an outcome in which marriage has been redefined?

Graeme responds to the question in three parts: 1) Romans 13 – we obey our government and one aspect of that obedience is expressing an opinion, 2) Persuasion always happens by God's word and by God's spirit – and a redefinition of marriage will invariably create new opportunities for us to see people influenced by God's word to think differently; and 3) it's an opportunity for us to speak cautiously and lovingly towards and about people we disagree with.

Sermon Notes
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